The wireless connection between the Hikvision Hub and the detectors is excellent!

This connection, or rather protocol, is called Tri-X, was developed by Hikvision itself, and its properties are very similar to the wireless signal that is also used in AJAX Systems’ alarm system, called Jeweller.

Both wireless protocols work over a distance of up to 2,000 metres in open field. In practice, this results in a range of a few hundred metres if the signal has to pass through concrete walls. This is more than enough to provide the largest homes with a strong wireless signal. For even larger locations, wireless repeaters are available to further increase the range.

Alarm system manufacturers have been looking for an alternative to Wi-Fi for a long time and have finally found it after years of development.

The great disadvantage of WiFi is that its range is very limited. Outside the home, in your garden or in the attic, the signal strength is already insufficient to be able to surf the internet reliably and quickly. You don’t want this weak signal for an alarm system that has to be reliable.

This is what the manufacturers of the products we offer thought, and that is why they developed a completely new wireless protocol that can reliably bridge long distances, and that is encrypted and securely transmitted.


Tri-X is capable of bridging 2,000 metres in open field. This distance can be extended a further four times using wireless repeaters, so that larger companies can also use a modern alarm system such as the Hikvision AX pro.

Tri-X works in two directions. The Hub is wired and electrically connected to the Hikvision Cloud via the Internet. And the detectors are wirelessly connected via the Tri-X protocol. The detectors frequently report to the Hub to indicate that everything is in order. As soon as one of the detectors does not respond to a status request, the Hub will notify the Cloud.

Since your smartphone is also continuously connected to the Hikvision Cloud via the Hikconnect application, you will be notified immediately. If the Hub loses the connection to the Cloud because for example your internet is offline at home, the Cloud will also notify you directly on your smartphone.

The Hub has up to 4 communication channels which can be used to maintain a connection with the Cloud. But even without a connection of all these channels, the alarm system will continue to work normally, and will simply sound the siren in case of a burglary attempt. In addition, you will receive a notification on your smartphone of any lost connections to the Cloud.

This technique makes the Hikvision AX Pro wireless alarm even more reliable than a wired alarm system with constant notification to an alarm centre, because all connections are checked every few seconds of the day.

Tri-X range and durability compared to other wireless systems

Various wireless alarm systems are available on the market, but few offer 2,000 metres range and 7 years life on 1 supplied battery.

Overview of the various wireless technologies with their maximum transferable distance from the Hub:

Tri-X – 2.000 meter
Jeweller – 2.000 meter
Z-Wave 5e generatie – 150 meter
ZigBee – 100 meter
Bluetooth – 100 meter
WiFi – minder dan 100 meter

Battery life per protocol used:

Jeweller – 7 years
Tri-X – 6 years
Z-Wave 5th generation – 2 years
ZigBee – 2 years
Bluetooth – 1 year
WiFi – only with external power supply

Tri-X kenmerken

Hikvision detectors operate at distances of up to 2,000 metres from the Hub in open space. For most, the signal is therefore strong enough to mount the detector in the most suitable position.

Thanks to Tri-X, only low power is required to run the system over long distances. This allows detectors to operate stably on their battery for up to 6 years.

The Hikvision Hub always knows if a detector is working. Two-way communication ensures that each detector checks in frequently to make sure everything is in order. If for any reason a detector does not respond, the Hikvision Hub will display the cause directly in the App so that appropriate action can be taken.

To prevent a weak signal between the Hub and the detectors, the Hub is equipped with two antennas of different frequencies. The Hub evaluates the signal quality and automatically selects the strongest signal. As a result, the detectors always remain connected.

The Hikvision Hub and the detectors are equipped with multiple layers of protection against sabotage. If external interference has occurred, the Hikconnect app immediately indicates the reason for the interference, so that appropriate action can be taken.

At Hikvision they thought for a long time which wireless technology was suitable for mutual communication. As everyone will know by now, WiFi is extremely unreliable, and the WiFi signal is also very limited in bridging distances.

The in-house developed Tri-X technology by Hikvision can also simply change frequencies if there is interference on a certain frequency. If there is deliberate interference on multiple channels, the alarm will go off immediately and you will be notified of this “jamming” via the App.

The Hikvision Hub can monitor up to 210 products such as motion detectors and door contacts simultaneously. This means that it doesn’t matter how big your house or office building is. There will always be enough memory available to detect the intruder.

The entire system, so both the Hub and all wirelessly connected detectors can automatically update themselves with the latest software updates. As soon as the system is set up, you won’t have to worry about it for years. The installation is easy to carry out yourself, and if you don’t feel like programming, we can set it up for you free of charge.

All data between all devices is encrypted in small data packages with its own algorithm based on the AES standard. This excludes the possibility of a bruteforce attack. Cracking the encryption key is impossible.


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