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Follow the steps below for a complete security package entirely to your wishes!

Some people find it difficult to put together their own alarm system. That’s why on this page we tell you exactly which products you need at least, and which detectors are suitable for which location.
You can also directly add the products to your shopping basket at each step. At the end of this page your system is complete, and you can proceed to purchase if you wish. We are sure that you have not forgotten anything to fully secure your own home or business.
Let’s get started…


The basis of the alarm system is the control centre, which at AJAX is called the Hub.
The Hub is available in 4 different versions, but we only recommend 3, because the Hub 1 Plus no longer offers any added value now that Hub 2 Plus is also available.
So you always need one of these 3 Hubs to start the system.
We are now going to tell you what the global differences are between these Hubs, so you know which one to choose:
  • Hub 1: Suitable for 100 detectors without built-in camera
  • Hub 2: Suitable for 100 detectors, with built-in camera
  • Hub 2 Plus: Suitable for 200 detectors, with built-in camera
By camera we mean the photo camera in detectors such as the AJAX MotionCAM. We do not mean the separate cameras that you will find on our security camera page. Separate cameras can be connected to any Hub. By the way, you should not imagine too much of linking because this only means that you can view the camera images in the AJAX application instead of only in the application of the camera manufacturer. The added value is therefore very limited.
The connection to the internet is always via an ethernet connection to your router.
As a backup a SIM card is possible, where Hub 1 and Hub 2 only support 2G networks and Hub 2 Plus supports 2G, 3G and 4G networks. KPN offers support for 2G networks in the Netherlands until at least 2025. But remember: The SIM card is not mandatory and only serves as a backup channel if your fixed internet at home is offline.
The last important difference is the number of scenarios you can set. This is only 5 for Hub 1, 32 for Hub 2 and 64 for Hub 2 Plus.
An example of a scenario is the automatic shutdown of the alarm or a zone at a specific time or day. If you want to automatically switch off the alarm completely every day at, for example, 7:30 a.m., this is one scenario, switching on at a certain time is another scenario.
So far the biggest differences between the Hubs.
Now choose which Hub is most suitable for you, and add it to your shopping basket by clicking “add”. Don’t forget to select the desired colour.
If there are products in your shopping basket, they will be listed here:


Now that we have chosen the right Hub, it is time to decide how we want to expel the burglar. By default, a burglary report comes in on your mobile phone, but that does not chase the burglar away if you are not at home yourself. Incidentally, everyone in the family can receive a notification if you wish.
Chasing burglars away is done by attracting the attention of the surrounding area, and this is best done with light and, above all, sound. That’s why AJAX has 2 different sirens, the HomeSiren for indoors, and a StreetSiren that you can mount both indoors and outdoors.
The volume is adjustable in 3 positions for both, with a maximum volume of 105db for the indoor siren and 113db for the outdoor siren.
Now choose which siren is most suitable for you, and add it to your shopping basket by clicking on “add”. Don’t forget to select the desired colour and number. Choose one indoor siren, or one indoor and one outdoor siren. Some people like noise in case of a burglary, and also place a StreetSiren inside the house. The choice is up to you.
If there are products in your shopping basket, they will be listed here:


After choosing the siren, we determine how you want to operate the alarm system.
There are 3 possibilities for switching the alarm system on and off:
  • With your own smartphone from anywhere in the world
  • With AJAX SpaceControl, the remote control with a range of 1200 metres
  • With AJAX KeyPad, the code control panel for indoor use
Now choose how you want to operate the system, and add it to your shopping basket in the desired colour and quantity by clicking on “add”. If you plan to use outdoor detection, choose SpaceControl, not a KeyPad.
If there are products in your shopping basket, they will be listed here:

What do you want to protect

Now is the time to determine where you want to detect intruders. Only in the house, or already outside, in your garden.
In the case of a detached house with an enclosed garden, we advise you to mainly use outside detection. After all, the sooner you know that someone has wrong thoughts, the better.
If you want to secure a detached house such as a terraced house, then often only indoor detection is possible, or a combination of indoor detection with a single outdoor detector for the enclosed garden.
Don’t forget that a front door where postmen and postwomen can also go can never be fitted with an outside detector, so one should always place one inside.

Indoor detection

To determine how many detectors you need inside, it’s a matter of adding up the spaces you want to secure.
For inside you can choose from the following motion detectors:
  • MotionProtect: 12 metres range, 90 degrees viewing angle
  • MotionProtect Plus: 12 metre range, 90 degree viewing angle, with built-in radar sensor to cope with fireplaces and open windows during an alarm. In rooms where air conditioning is on when the alarm is on, choose this version.
  • CombiProtect: 12 metre range, 90 degree viewing angle, with built-in microphone that detects glass ringing
  • MotionProtect Curtain: 10 metre range, 6 degree viewing angle, to secure very specific areas. For example, along windows, so that you can still walk around freely in the living room yourself, and detection only takes place close to the windows.
  • MotionCAM: 12 meters range, 90 degrees viewing angle, with built-in photo camera that sends multiple photos to your mobile phone within 9 seconds after motion detection so you know who or what is sounding the alarm.
Now choose which motion detectors you want to have inside. Choose the model, colour and number, and add them to your shopping basket by clicking “add”.
If there are products in your basket, they will be listed here:
In addition to motion detectors, door contacts are also available. These can be mounted on windows and/or doors. If a motion detector has already been selected in the room in question, an additional door detector is no longer necessary.
Two different door contacts are available:
  • DoorProtect: Detects only the opening and closing process
  • DoorProtect Plus: Detects vibrations and tilts as an additional feature
Now choose whether and which door contacts you want to have inside. Select the colour and number, and add them to your shopping basket by clicking on “add”.
If there are products in your shopping basket, they will be listed here:

Smoke detectors

Before we choose any outdoor motion detectors, we first determine whether we also want to purchase smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors for the home. A fire is not very common, but if it occurs it is often immediately life-threatening. The advice is to install one smoke detector in each room and on locations with a stove / central heating a combination with carbon monoxide detection.
AJAX has both standard and combined smoke detectors available.
  • FireProtect: Detects smoke and rapid temperature rises
  • FireProtect Plus: Also detects CO / carbon monoxide
Now choose whether and how many smoke detectors you want. Choose the model, colour and number, and add them to your basket by clicking “add”.
If there are products in your shopping basket, they will be listed here:

Panic buttons

For seniors, children and people who like to be able to call in help at the touch of a button, the Button is available. A wireless panic button that can quickly notify people of a request for help. In addition to being notified on all connected telephones, it is also possible to activate the paired sirens as soon as the button is pressed, in order to get the attention of the surroundings.
The button has a wireless range of 1200 metres from the AJAX Hub (in open field), and can therefore also be used in the garden and in the immediate vicinity of the house.
Now choose whether you want a panic button. Select the colour and number, and add them to your shopping basket by clicking “add”.
If there are products in your shopping basket, they will be listed here:

These are the products for inside the house / company.

Outdoor detectors

Now to the outdoor products, the outdoor motion detectors. This is where the power of AJAX really comes into play, because with a wireless range of 2,000 metres you can mount these detectors anywhere.
If you already detect unwanted visitors in your garden, a real burglary is prevented. So if your home allows it, always try to opt for outside detection as well. Outdoor motion detectors only respond to people, not to dogs, cats, birds, blowing trees, or other plants. (If installed correctly)

Demonstration video

Watch the AJAX outdoor motion detector and other detectors in this video, and experience the convenience that AJAX security systems can bring to you.

We have outdoor detectors of both the AJAX and Optex brands in our range. The Optex detectors also work perfectly together thanks to the built-in AJAX Transmitter. We first describe the AJAX outdoor detector, and then the Optex outdoor detectors.

AJAX outdoor detectors

The AJAX MotionProtect Outdoor outdoor detector can secure an area of up to 15 metres at a 90 degree angle. This is approximately 175 square metres. If you place the detector in a corner then it can secure an area of about 13×13 meters. The AJAX MotionProtect Outdoor should always be mounted at a height between 80cm and 130cm.
For a detached house this means that you usually need 4 of these detectors. Depending on the type of house, you can choose a different type of outdoor detector, of the brand Optex, which can be mounted at a different height, or with a different detection angle. We will tell you more about this in a moment.
There is no colour choice for the MotionProtect Outdoor. Because of the sun’s heat, it is always chosen in white. A black colour would become too warm in the sun, and have a negative effect on the detection quality.
To further protect the detector from both sun and rain, the AJAX Hood is available. This is an extra protective cover that you can easily slide on the detector with pre-installed tape to ensure that no rain falls directly on the sensor.
The advantage of this is that the anti-mask function can do its job better. This detector can “see” if something or someone is blocking the image, and this message can then be given incorrectly during rain showers, if no Hood is used.
Now choose whether, and how many AJAX outdoor detectors you want. Choose the number, and add it to your basket by clicking “add”.
If there are products in your shopping cart, they are listed here:

Optex outdoor detectors

As we wrote, Optex brand outdoor detectors can also be integrated into the AJAX system. Optex currently has more choice in outdoor detectors. For example, there are detectors with variable mounting heights between 80cm and 270cm, and they offer curtain detectors which are ideal for securing windows and doors on the outside of the house. This way you can prevent real burglaries. We describe the products as follows:
  • Optex Curtain, model BXS-RAM: Secures 2 sides with ease up to 12 metres per side, i.e. 24 metres in total, in a small viewing angle. Can of course also be set to a shorter detection distance per side. Ideal for use at gates, windows, doors. Equipped with anti-mask function. Mounting height 80cm to 130cm.
  • Optex QXI-RDT-X5: Similar to the AJAX MotionProtect Outdoor, but with a 120 degree detection angle (instead of 90), and a maximum distance of 12 metres (instead of 15). In addition to the PIR sensor, it also has an additional built-in radar sensor to verify detected movement and therefore has even less chance of false alarms. Additional advantage is that the mounting height can be both low and high, it is variable between 80~120cm and between 220~270cm. This detector can therefore also be mounted at a height of 2.7 metres and offers no less than 40 detection zones in this position.
  • Optex WXI-RAM 180: Similar to the AJAX MotionProtect Outdoor, but with a 180 degree detection angle. Mounting height only between 80~120cm
Now choose whether and how many Optex outdoor detectors you want. Choose the number, and add them to your shopping basket by clicking “add”.

If there are products in your shopping cart, they are listed here:

So much for the outdoor detectors. We have now finished determining which detectors we want to have both inside and outside to detect burglaries.

Other AJAX products

In addition to burglary and fire detection, AJAX also has a number of other products that help prevent problems or are simply convenient. We describe them as follows:
  • Socket: This is placed in an existing socket, so that the connected device is automatically switched on or off on time or in the event of an alarm.
  • LeaksProtect: Detects water, useful with boiler or washing machine
  • 12 volt power supply: Only buy if you want to install the alarm in a motorhome or caravan. By default, the Hub already has a back-up battery if the power fails at home. So do not buy this product if you have 220 volts at your disposal.
  • GlassProtect: Indoor detector that detects glass ringing. Actually this could be mentioned between the indoor detectors, but we think the CombiProtect, a combination of motion detection and glass tinkling, is a better choice. That is why this product gets a final mention.
Now make a choice if, and how many of the above products you want. Choose the number, and if available the colour, and add them to your shopping basket by clicking on “add”.

If there are products in your shopping cart, they are listed here:

The latest AJAX product is the AJAX WallSwitch. This WallSwitch is similar in function to the AJAX Socket, only the WallSwitch is concealed behind the socket. The WallSwitch can only be ordered on the AJAX products page.

Warning sign

Now we have described everything, except one thing, the warning sign. Let people know that there is a security system in place with our A5 size metal sign.
Choose the number, and the language of the sign, and add it to your shopping basket by clicking “add”.

If there are products in your shopping cart, they are listed here:

This is all we have in terms of alarm system products.

Burglary verification with cameras

But there is one more product type, because burglary verification can be done with cameras. That is why we now mention here what the easiest way is to check whether someone is actually present in your garden or house.
Nobody wants to lay cables or electricity to a certain location in your home or far behind your garden. Manufacturers have found a way to do this, and these are the fully wireless cameras that run on Wi-Fi and batteries. These cameras can really be mounted anywhere very easily with just one screw. Furthermore, no cord is required.
In case of a burglary report, you can directly watch the images of these cameras live from any smartphone. The cameras are ideal for outdoor use in the garden, especially in combination with outdoor detection. Thanks to the possibility of inserting an SD card, the camera also records images so that you can look back afterwards who or what it was.
Because the camera works on Wi-Fi, a strong Wi-Fi network is necessary. If you don’t have good Wi-Fi in the garden or just want to maximize the battery life of the camera, choose a camera with Hub. The Hub emits its own more powerful Wi-Fi signal, and ensures that the battery lasts up to 1 year.
We offer the most popular wireless camera in both a stand-alone and advantageous package with Hub, and you can choose how many cameras you connect. You can connect up to 6 cameras to 1 Hub. We mean the Hub of the camera, and not the Hub of the AJAX alarm system. Both devices happen to be called Hub, because this is a common word for the device that controls everything in the system.
We note, because many people think that a camera system works together with an alarm system, that this is not the case. A camera system always works separately from the alarm system. The purpose of a camera system is to allow you to watch live at the location from which you receive an alarm, so that you know what action you need to take.
A camera never sounds the siren of the alarm system and therefore does not chase away burglars! Nor can a camera be seen as a replacement for a motion detector.
Now choose the number of cameras, preferably with one Hub, and add them to your shopping basket by clicking on “add”. Do you want more than 3 cameras? Then choose the package with Hub and 3 cameras, and add additional separate cameras. Do not order 2 packages with a Hub.
If there are products in your shopping basket, they will be listed here:
If you do feel like laying cables for your surveillance cameras, you can also opt for electrically powered cameras. With a PoE switch you can then supply the camera with both internet and power with just one internet cable. You no longer need a power outlet at the location where you want to place the camera, just laying an internet cable to it is sufficient.
We will be happy to tell you which PoE switch we recommend and can be used for the camera mentioned. If you are looking for a camera without an optical zoom, but with a perfect night vision and a razor-sharp image of 8 megapixels, then you need this:
If there are products in your shopping basket, they are listed here:
If you are looking for a camera with at least 15x optical zoom and a great night vision, you will need a PoE switch, a mounting bracket, and one of the cameras below:
If there are products in your shopping cart, they are listed here:
The only thing left to connect the cameras is an internet cable of sufficient length.
In order to be able to store the images from the cameras and view them later, an SD card is required. You can select the desired storage capacity below.
If there are products in your shopping cart, they are listed here:

Finished assembling

This is the end of the manual for putting together a complete safety system. If all goes well, you have now added everything you need to your shopping basket.
The total amount is shown at the bottom right, and of course on the shopping basket page, where you can make any changes you like. The ordering process will be self-explanatory.

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We wish you a safe future.

Team Best alarm system.

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