Hikvision AX Pro with Hikconnect cloud – Experience the integration between alarm and video

Designed and produced by the market leader in the field of camera security.

Fully controlled from the Hik-connect application and with a wide range of detectors, the AX Pro wireless alarm system integrates intruder detection with video verification.

Experience 2,000 metres of wireless range, a 6-year battery life, and connectivity between intrusion detectors and cameras. Hikvision is the first manufacturer to make it possible to show camera images directly on your smartphone when a particular intrusion detector detects a movement. This allows you to know exactly what is happening at that location and what action you need to take.

In addition to intrusion detection, the Hik-connect Cloud therefore offers CCTV, but also access control / intercom, and video doorbell integration. With this, Hikvision offers the most complete security package in one app.

Key features – The core of the AX Pro solution

IVaaS: Intrusion detection with video verification. The AX Pro includes IVaaS, which integrates video verification with intrusion detection. With the built-in video buffer for 4 cameras, each user can see exactly what is happening so that they can take appropriate action.

Radio silence… Do not be the victim of equipment jamming or interference! Advanced anti-jamming protection on the wireless detectors protects the long-term integrity of the system.

Design: With the addition of the AX Pro alarm system, users have access to a full Hikvision range of security, alarm and video products with the same stylish, professional and uniform finish and outstanding performance.

Tri-X: Fast, reliable and secure is Hikvision’s latest wireless signal, with a wireless range of up to 2,000 metres from the Hub.

EN Grade 2: Rest assured, knowing that the system fully complies with EN Grade 2 certification. A robust system that is tailored to individual needs, without compromising on effectiveness and reliability.

Easy installation: All detectors are fully wireless and operate on batteries with a service life of up to 6 years. Only the Hub is wired to power and internet via Ethernet or wifi or SIM card.

App integration – Full control and configuration

One manufacturer, one interface. With the AX Pro you have complete flexibility; manage multiple systems via the Hik (Pro)Connect app and web interface, configure devices, control video and manage device status.

In other words: With the Hik-connect app you can control and view all your Hikvision, Safire and Ezviz cameras as well as the complete AX Pro alarm system. In addition to intrusion detection, AX Pro also offers smoke / fire and water detection, and the range of detectors is constantly being expanded.

The Hikvision AX Pro alarm system offers the following features:

  • Pet friendly: Does not react to dogs or cats under 30KG
  • Wireless detectors with a range of up to 2,000 metres
  • No monthly subscription fee
  • No maintenance contract: The system checks itself. Not once a year, but every 6 seconds.
  • Full control with your smartphone
  • Receive global notifications on your smartphone in the event of detection or disruption of the signal
  • 2-Way communication with all detectors
  • Detectors up to 6 years working on supplied battery
  • Free product software updates
  • More reliable than a wired system thanks to constant connection to the Cloud

All connections between your smartphone and all detectors are constantly monitored via the Cloud. Signal loss or intrusion attempts on the wireless signal without this being reported on your smartphone are absolutely impossible.

Do you still have an alarm system with the following characteristics?

  • Wired alarm system with high maintenance costs and limited possibilities
  • hundreds of euros a year to an alarm centre that only informs the police in the event of verified burglaries in the home.
  • Pay for a maintenance contract to check all detectors once a year

Now switch to the Hikvision AX Pro alarm system.

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