When you buy an alarm system, you think of a professional company that will install it at your home.
The installation and programming is done by an expert, and once the security company has done its job you can only switch the system on and off, and you are always completely dependent on the security company.

In other words: The alarm system continues to cost you money, because you let the expert carry out any adjustments or maintenance. This is how it used to have to be done in the past, and this is still the way it is now with old-fashioned systems. But it can also be done differently…

With the Hikvision AX Pro alarm system, you are the expert!

Hikvision AX Pro gives you full control over your own alarm system.
With Hikvision AX Pro, you are in control. The installation is done via your own smartphone. Hikvision AX Pro is designed to be installed by yourself.

Everything is completely wireless, only the Hub, the central unit of the system is connected to power and internet cable.

There are 2 different Hubs, which Hub is most suitable for you, depends on the size of the object / house to be secured. In most situations the smallest Hub is more than enough to secure a large house.

You scan a QR code and the product, for example a detector is wirelessly linked to the Hub.
The products are easy to assemble using the supplied mounting materials.

A basic starter kit can be installed by anyone from 12 years old in 15 minutes without any necessary technical knowledge.

All notifications are received on your smartphone, and if desired on an alarm room of your choice.

The complete installation and operation is done via the Hikconnect app.

Modify something or add a detector to the system? Simply via the Hikconnect application. Switch the system on or off? Simply via the Hikconnect application.

Hikvision AX Pro most complete security system

The Hikvision AX Pro security system detects burglars, prevents fires, detects floods, operates security cameras and controls household appliances, making it the most complete wireless security system in Europe.

The Hikconnect application turns your security system into a single, easy-to-manage device.

With the Hikconnect application on your smartphone, you not only install the entire system, but you also switch the system on and off easily. Receive notifications worldwide on your smartphone in the way you want. Thanks to the simple operation, 100% of our customers can install the system completely independently. So you too…!

The Hikconnect application: Hikvision AX Pro alarm system and camera system in one!

The supported camera brands are: Ezviz, Hikvision and Safire.
If you buy one of these camera brands from our webshop, you can install and operate it with the Hikconnect application. But that is not the only thing…

You can also link a camera to any AX Pro intrusion detector, and the images from the linked camera will automatically be shown on your smartphone if that particular detector detects an intrusion.

In other words: If you receive a message on your smartphone from your AX Pro alarm system, a video of the linked camera is automatically sent along with it. This way you know immediately what action to take on this burglary report. If you see your mother-in-law on the video, then you know enough 😉

Hikvision AX PRO video

A Hikvision AX Pro starter kit can be fully self-installed in less than 15 minutes.

Hikvision AX Pro is made to be practical. The installation requires a smartphone, basic tools and a minimum of time.
This makes the system useful for both homeowners and tenants, because the system can move into a new home with them.

The detectors are connected using a QR code in just a few steps in the app.

No disassembly of the device required, batteries and installation hardware are included.


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