Basics Hik connect app

To install the right App on your phone, proceed as follows.

For Android phones, go to the Playstore and search for Hik Connect – for end users, then choose download.

iPhone users can easily install the App from the Appstore. Search for Hik-Connect – for end users.

New users start by creating an account, existing users can log in with the email address or phone number and password. It is usually chosen to create the account with an email address. Should you forget your password, it can easily be reset.

Do you already have an account and would e.g. your wife or husband like to have the alarm on their phone as well?
Then you don’t need to create another account, log in on the other device with the email address and password and everything is synchronised on both devices.

When you open the Hik Connect App, you can press Hub at the top of the screen.

When you do this then you go to the “2nd screen” and you can switch between 3 different options.
Zone / Device / Status



Here you can see one or more zones. If you have multiple zones, you can use the “puppet from home” icon to enable this zone.


Always switch off with lock open at the bottom of the screen!


The button next to the zone that has turned blue is meant to activate partial switching within that zone, this is not usually used. Whether you have 1 or several zones, switching everything on is done at the bottom of the screen with the “puppet from home” icon



Here you see the list of all paired products, here you can view the reception and battery status. When you press on a product, you can read the user manual of the chosen product. Handy for changing batteries. So the explanation is simply in the App’s manual.



Here you can see the status of the Hub (Central).

If you are using a SIM card as a backup, you can see here whether it is working correctly. The spare battery status of the Hub is also visible here. This spare battery works +/- 16 hours when the power is down. When the power works again, the battery will recharge.

Changing batteries

Instructional videos
Changing batteries/disassembling detectors

Indoor detectors
Instruction battery change & disassembly

Instruction battery change & disassembly

Pir Outdoor 90 degree detector
Instructions for dismantling & assembly

Error messages

Error messages

If there is an error/malfunction in the system then you cannot switch on the system. This could be a detector with a flat battery, or there could be a temper protection open. This means that a detector cover is not closed properly.

If this is the case then go to the Hik Connect app, zone tab and press the magnifying glass at the top right of the screen. If there is an error, you will see this because there is e.g. a 1 in red next to it. Then you can see exactly what’s going on and fix it so that the alarm system functions normally again.

If you can’t figure it out, you can e-mail the problem to
We will then explain the solution to the problem to you.




At the bottom of the screen in the Hik Connect app, you will see “Message”.
If you press this, you will see the history of all events. For example, you can see when the alarm was enabled, when it was disabled, and which detector triggered an alarm etc.


Hub Offline

Hub Offline

When the Hub is offline, there are several reasons this could be caused by. Therefore, always check for the following points:

1. Is there power present in the house? If there is a power failure then the alarm will still work for +/- 16 hours on the spare battery in the Hub. After this, the Hub will no longer work and the system will go Offline.

2. When the Hub is connected to the router with an Ethernet cable and the internet connection drops then the Hub will go Offline. The alarm will continue to work but you will no longer receive notifications, and the alarm system can only be controlled with a keyfob, tag reader or keypad.

3. In Spain, it happens sporadically that an ISP changes the IP address. When this is the case, the Hub may not immediately accept this for security reasons. The alarm will continue to work but the Hub will go offline.

The owner will have to unscrew the Hub to switch it off for 10 seconds. After turning it on again, the Hub will get a new IP address.

If the alarm system is installed in a 2nd home in Spain then a Keyholder can do this, but actually we recommend putting a SIM card in the Hub as a backup.

Should the above happen, the connection will still be maintained via the SIM card, and the Hub can be rebooted remotely so that the new IP address is active.

Ordering a SIM card for a permanent connection to the Cloud can be done through us.