Smoke detector & moisture detector

The fire protection provided by the AX PRO alarm system consists of wireless smoke detectors that immediately warn of smoke detection and rapid temperature increase.

The users of the alarm system are alerted by the fire detectors via connected sirens, the mobile app, text messages or a call.

Leakages are detected by the moisture detector, for example, boilers or leaking radiators.

Hikvision AX PRO Smoke & moisture detector

Hikvision AX PRO Smoke Detector

AX PRO smoke detector

Wireless smoke detector for the AX PRO alarm system.

  • Function: Notification of fire/smoke
  • Wireless range from the Hub: 1,200 metres
  • Model Number: DS-PDSMK-S-WE
Hikvision AX PRO Leaks detector

AX PRO water leakage detector

Detects moisture / leaks at, for example, boilers or radiators.

  • Function: Water leakage reporting
  • Battery life: 5 Years
  • Wireless range from Hub: 1,200 metres
  • Model Number: DS-PDWL-E-WE

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Continuous updates

Thanks to software updates, the Hubs regularly receive new functions. These updates ensure the further development of the security system, the support of new devices and a better user experience. The updates happen automatically, via the cloud, when the alarm is switched off.

Software resistant to hackers

The Hubs of the AX PRO alarm system are protected against cyber attacks and viruses.

Through updates via the cloud, this protection is kept up to date, so that the alarm system works properly 24/7 and your home or business is always protected against unwanted persons.

Stable communication

The Hub sends an alarm and possibly photos through one of the available communication channels.

This is done via Ethernet, WiFi or 2g/3g/4g. These channels work in parallel and replace each other in case of emergency. Switching between channels only takes a few seconds.

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