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The siren is the only product of an alarm system that really attracts attention. That is why intruders try to turn off the siren first. The AX PRO wireless alarm system sirens are equipped with protection against vandals and sound so loud that it will attract the attention of an entire neighbourhood.

A powerful sound, a weatherproof housing and built-in security that warns of an attempt to dismantle the siren, these essential elements are combined in Hikvision’s outdoor siren. This is to ensure the security of a holiday home, private residence or office.

Hikvision AX PRO Sirens

Hikvision AX PRO Indoor Siren

AX PRO indoor siren

Wireless indoor siren for Hikvision AX PRO alarm system

  • Function: Scare away burglars by means of sound and light
  • Volume: 110 decibels
  • Battery life: 3 Years
  • Wireless range from Hub: 1,600 Meters
  • Model Number: DS-PS1-I-WE
Hikvision AX PRO Outdoor Siren

AX PRO outdoor siren

Wireless outdoor siren for Hikvision AX PRO alarm system

  • Function: repel burglars by means of sound and light
  • Volume: 110 decibels
  • Battery life: 3 Years
  • Wireless range from Hub: 1,600 metres
  • Model Number: DS-PS1-E-WE-RED

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AX PRO Sirens features


Besides loud alarms, AX PRO sirens also have functions that make the use of the security system even more pleasant. The flexible settings in the mobile app make it possible not to disturb neighbours with the operation of specific devices. For example, you can set the siren to warn of burglaries and fires, but not of water leaks.


Hikvision’s outdoor sirens can withstand heat, cold and storms without a problem. An alarm sounds whenever an attempt is made to remove the siren from the wall. The sirens are completely self-contained: they cannot be switched off by cutting the power. The replaceable batteries last for years, and the siren indicates in advance when they need to be replaced.

Continuous updates

Thanks to software updates, the Hubs regularly receive new functions. These updates ensure the further development of the security system, the support of new devices and a better user experience. The updates happen automatically, via the cloud, when the alarm is switched off.

Software resistant to hackers

The Hubs of the AX PRO alarm system are protected against cyber attacks and viruses.

Through updates via the cloud, this protection is kept up to date, so that the alarm system works properly 24/7 and your home or business is always protected against unwanted persons.

Stable communication

The Hub sends an alarm and possibly pictures through one of the available communication channels.
Dit gaat via Ethernet, wifi of 2g/3g/4g hebben. Deze kanalen werken parallel en vervangen elkaar in noodgevallen. Het schakelen tussen kanalen neemt slechts enkele seconden in.

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