SIM card & control room

When buying an alarm system, a sim card and a subscription to a monitoring station are often offered.
Sim card is a good idea, but a monitoring station, only in specific circumstances.

The SIM card

The Hub, the system’s central unit, needs to be connected to the internet to relay alarm system notifications. For this internet connection, you can use different channels. Ethernet, Wifi, and SIM cards.

An Ethernet connection is preferred, but if you don’t have one, you can use a SIM card, or place it in the Hub as a backup channel.

The main connection to the Cloud is always the Ethernet (internet) cable from your router to the Hub.

If for any reason the internet at home stops working, the connection to the Cloud can be maintained by the data connection from the SIM card. Notifications generated by the Hub (e.g. a burglary notification) will continue to arrive on your phone in this way.

By using a SIM card, your alarm system always remains online, even if the power is cut or the internet at home is absent.

A SIM card can be ordered from us for just 3.50 euros per month, or 42 euros per year.
You can pay for the first year in full online at the time of purchase. After that, it will be automatically collected once a year.

The monitoring station

By default, all alerts from your alarm system arrive on your own smartphone, and possibly the phones of your housemates or family members. In response to incoming alerts, you or a family member can take action on them.

However, if you never want to call the police yourself, you can take out a subscription with an alarm centre. It will then respond to almost every report. We specifically say virtually because there are rules attached to when an alarm centre may call the police. If only 1 detector detects movement, the owner will always be called first, before the police. Only if several detectors are activated within a certain time, or if surveillance camera images can be viewed, can an alarm centre possibly send police immediately.


Is an alarm centre of interest to you?

That depends on your profession and self-reliance. If you yourself or another family member can respond to any incoming alarms during working hours, you are well able to call the police yourself if necessary. If you have neighbours who are often at home, it is also possible to notify them, fully automatically. If you do not have these options, an alarm centre can be a good addition.


What does an alarm centre cost?

We offer an alarm center for 35 euros per month.

Fact: 99.9% of people do not need an alarm centre, and are quite capable of handling incoming burglary reports themselves, by calling the police themselves.

Important to remember:
With outdoor detection, the siren already sounds when an intruder is in your garden. In almost 100% of cases, the intruder runs away hard upon hearing this siren. (Without an actual break-in) You can check this on the available cameras.
As a result, contacting the police is not even necessary!

We like saving, don’t you?

We hope that the above tips have helped you further in your search for a reliable alarm system.
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We are honest and transparent and tell you how everything really works.

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